"They got me food and clothes and back on my feet.

I got behind on my bills when I had to go to the hospital. Then I lost my job because I had to take time off. The people at Sharing God's Love helped me feed my family and keep the lights on while I got my life back in order. They were compassionate, prayed with me, and never made me feel bad about needing help."

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Sharing God's Love helps 230 local families facing crisis each week.

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Sharing God's Love provides area families in need with food, clothing, financial support, and spiritual support.

Scouting for Food

February 6th, 2016 (Saturday) is pick up day!

Be on the look out for your bag to fill for the Boy Scouts.  Irmo area pickup is February 6th and all food collected will be donated to Sharing God’s Love.

Current Needs

  • We always need children's clothes, size 2-18, school age
  • We urgently need boys pants sizes 5-14 and girls tops sizes 7-16
  • flour, sugar, grits and oatmeal 

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