Our Expansion Progresses!

We are behind on our updates but our new addition to our building has really taken shape and we are excited to be getting close to moving in.

Look At Our Progress!

We can see our building addition taking shape with the second floor cement foundation poured and the roof going up. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for our ministry in 2020.

Cement is Flowing!

We’ve reached an important and long-awaited phase of our construction project and we are so excited; the cement is being poured for the foundation of our basement/addition. Drive by our facility at 147 Friarsgate Blvd. and check it out.

The day for building your walls will come…..

……the day for extending your boundaries. ~Micah 7:11 The frames for the walls of our basement our going up and cement will be poured soon. Things are really shaping up, we excitedly say.